The Lilly

The Lilly


The Lilly is a vintage Lilly Pulitzer dress I found on ebay. It’s great and looks great on. I wore it for my birthday.

I had a great time painting it. The dress has these wonderful poppies and daisies all over it and a heavy lace trim around the neck and princess seams. It was fun to figure out how to create this look in watercolor.

Lilly Pulitzer started out by selling oranges from her husbands orange groves in the back of her car; which evolved into fruit baskets; which then became a juice bar.

So, how did her dresses come about? She would have shift dresses made for her in bright colored fabrics (to hide the juice stains) and everyone loved the dresses and thought she should offer them in her shop. So, that’s what she did.

Her big break came when when Jackie Kennedy wore one of her dresses made from kitchen curtain material.

Lilly Pulitzer passed away in April of this year. You can see more of her current styles here or search on ebay and vintage clothing stores for her original designs.

“The Lilly” is watercolor on 140 lb. cold press paper. It can be purchased here.


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