My “You’ve Got Mail” Grey Cardi

My “You’ve Got Mail” Grey Cardi


I’ve been going through my closet and here is a sweater from The Limited that is going to be heading to the thrift store. But before I let it go, I wanted to illustrate it and just remember the time I spent wearing it.

I mostly remember wearing this while I worked for Sterling Communication, an advertising agency in Lincoln, Nebraska. I think this was one of my favorite jobs, I was a Web designer and it was 1998 – 1999. The movie “You’ve Got Mail” was out and I loved Meg Ryan’s style in that movie. I loved the glimpses of life in New York City…the apartment, Central Park, the bookstore, the party she attends and her clothes. Very bookworm, casual and a look that could be versatile to what life in New York City demands…walking, subway, taxi…and more walking in all sorts of weather.

Anyway, I wore this with my khaki pants and a white t-shirt. Probably with my black and white floral scarf tied tight around my neck and some black or brown chunky leather shoes. Possibly with my “dog” socks, just for a little bit of whimsy.

Sweet memories! Now I can let this sweater go. I hope it finds a new home and someone who will enjoy it’s simplicity.

Do any of the simple, everyday clothes in your closet conjure up memories?

P.S. “Grey Cardi” is available here. It is 7″x5″, watercolor on 140 lb. cold press paper.


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