A Pretty Face

A Pretty Face

Earlier this year I decided that I didn’t want to just illustrate clothes on hangers I want to illustrate clothes on people! This month I am focusing on faces!
Here is a page from my sketchbook and a look at my progress. I’m hoping to look back at this some day and see improvement.

I am enrolled in a Skillshare class with Jennifer Lilya called Fashion Illustration: From Client Brief to Beautiful Piece, which I highly recommend. Jennifer takes you through the entire process of receiving a project from a client to its completion. You get to see her at work and her fashion illustration skills blow me away!

For me, one of the best ways to learn is to see a person at work. It’s amazing to see a project unfold and you get to see that in this class.


Jennifer also has a book out, FASHION ILLUSTRATION ART, which of course I had to buy! (I’ll have to share with you all my fashion illustration books some day.) I have been going through the exercises and just really love working with acrylic in a watercolor way. Yes, she works in acrylics!

I have also been working through the exercises in my copy of HOW TO DO FASHION DRAWING ©1964 by Mary Richards Gibson. My graphic design professor gave me this book and I’m just so touched that she thought of me! (She also gave me a beaver coat, and yes, that’s another story…so many stories to share!) ANYWAY…I love, the illustration style of the 1950s through the 1960s. I want to develop my style off that era.

Back to the drawing board!

xo – Heather


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